All About Dominative And Exclusive Destruction.

독점적이고 배타적인 파멸에 관하여 | Tentang Penghancuran Eksklusif dan Eksklusif

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"While I am being played with by Yang Sa-ae, I am completely hers."

 On the other hand, 'Yang Sa-ae' was a former gladiator slave and 'Ru Yurak' was a nobleman and a top soldier of his country.

'Yurak' is reduced to a slave due to defeat in the war and is offered as a prize to 'Yang Sa-ae'.

'Sa-ae' sexually tortures him without emotion.

The arrogant 'Yurak' eventually succumbs, accepting his pain as pleasure. while denying his surrendering self, he realizes his feelings for 'Sa-ae'. 'Yurak' becomes more and more desperate, obsessed, and longs for her love.

Tags: Romance, Historical, adult, difference in status, obsessive ML, Indifferent FML, Iron wall FML, Pure ML, Free if you wait, original novel, serial.

Additional info

This is a series produced by RidiBooks

This is an adult series.

Author: Hyeon Minye and Bullye

Release year: 2024

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