BL 2020

2020 - 류하 - 웹툰 - 레진코믹스

145.5K views 17 chapters

Jung Hee-Jae is a 20 years old guy that keeps being a Highschool student due to repeating years because of all the troubles his fathers debt with loan sharks has brought to them. One day his father tells him to run away before the loan sharks can take him as payment and sends Hee-Jae to a faraway island where is deaf grandmother lives until he can pay his debt. On this island where there isn't even internet, he comes across Cha Bum-Joon, a thug that forces him to become his personal delivery man and whom he starts to have an awkward relationship with after a certain incident happens under the effect of alcohol.

TAG'S: #Island #BL. #Moderm. #Misunderstanding. #Tanned. #+19. #Romance. #Comedy. #Drama.

Additional info

This is a series produced by Lezhin

This is an adult series.

Author: Ryuha.

Release year: 2024

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