Depressive Swindler

우울한 사기꾼

36.8K views 16 chapters

Han Ishin, the owner of a multi solutions business in Busan, succeeds in helping one of his clients Kim Yeongi to escape out of the country. However, Director Yoon, the subordinate of the previous boss of that woman learns that Ishin was the one that helped her to escape and he his boss wants her back, because of this he kidnaps and tortures Ishin to get information. Eventually, Ishin pretends to give in to Yoon's threats, and runs away to Seoul that night. Upon learning that, Yoon grits his teeth and pursues Ishin in Seoul, where he swears that If he catches Ishin again he will ""Show him what it feels to be split in two"".

Genres: #Adult #ModernDrama #TriangleRelationship #KoreanBL #Weapons #Manly #Drama 

Additional info

This is a series produced by RidiBooks

This is an adult series.

Author: Hogon

Release year: 2023

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