I Became the Mother of the Tragic Male Lead

피폐물 남주의 엄마가 되었다

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When I opened my eyes I was suddenly in the body of ¨Sheriel¨ the negligent mother of the male lead from the tragic romance novel <Ripped Wings>, I was scared at first since I knew that the male lead of this novel is known for being a crazy and obsessive psychopath with a tragic ending where he burns everything he loves including the female lead, however, I didn't expect to be on a time where the male lead it's still a cute and innocent child, My plan to survive is to reconcile with him and my scary new husband to give him a childhood full of love and to teach the right way to love other, maybe that way I could get to change the original story and give him a happy ending with the Female Lead!!

Additional info

This is a series produced by Naver

This is not an adult series.

Author: Chongibam

Release year: 2023

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