Its So Easy to Avoid Death by Being a Stepmother

계모인데, 죽음을 피하는 게 너무 쉽다

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I woke up in the novel I was reading when the oven that I was baking madeleine in exploded, killing me and my abusive father.

“I…I’m sorry. Mo…Mother. I-t doesn’t hurt.”

In the body of the villainous stepmother ‘Ruella’, who abused the male protagonist ‘Hirua’ when he was a child, but was eventually executed by Hirua when he returned as an emperor!

In order for Hirua to live happily away from his stepmother’s arms, she meets duke ‘Lasias Wieffer’, who was his godfather in the original novel, and offers a contract marriage…

“Can’t we have a real marriage, not just a contract marriage?”

“ca-can I sleep with you mother?”

Contrary to my plan to leave them alone after a year, the Duke and Hirua became obsessed with me…!


Additional info

This is a series produced by RidiBooks

This is not an adult series.

Author: yeon heeyeon

Release year: 2024

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