Lee Seob's love

이섭의 연애

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10 consecutive years ranked 1st in job performance! The top employee following the fastest and youngest promotion path! My motivation for joining, Kang Minkyung, who gave me the experience of being in 2nd place for the first time, while I've always been 1st. She, who trampled on my pride, is now the secretary to Executive Director Tae Lee Seob, me. With her exceptional work handling skills, she even tries to take care of my tasks? Stop working and pay attention to me, Ms. Kang Minkyung! The epic office romance between Tae Lee Seob, who doesn't want to do anything, and Kang Minkyung, who must somehow succeed!"
Additional info

This is a series produced by Naver

This is not an adult series.

Author: Kim Eun-hee

Release year: 2023

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