Looking For The Villainess Whom I Spent My First Time With

첫날밤을 보낸 그 악녀를 찾습니다

33.1K views 11 chapters

I've possessed the villainess 'Liberata' from the novel <The Misadventures of Leonie> and been executed on the gallows twenty times already! I was just drunk out of my mind, tired of the endless regression, but why is the Grand Duke lying next to me? "Don't worry, I won't let you die." But then... "If you don't put everything back in its place in your twentieth life, this world will be destroyed." The fortune teller leaves behind an ominous prophecy.


Tags: Romance

Additional info

This is a series produced by Naver

This is not an adult series.

Author: Eun Ragyeom, Pulmo

Release year: 2024

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