The Emperor, A Thousand Years Younger Than Me, Is Obsessed

천 살 연하 황제가 집착한다 | Kaisar, Seribu Tahun Lebih Muda Dariku, Terobsesi. | İmparator, Benden Bin Yaş Daha Genç, Takıntılı.

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A thousand-year plan was ruined by a beautiful boy raised in the forest.
In the end, Ariel abandoned the boy.
10 years later. That same boy, Cedric, who harbored a grudge for being abandoned, invades the forest.
And Cedric, in the midst of the blazing fire that burns the forest,
"Let's get married, Ariel."
He proposed.
Ariel, age-1000+@, occupation-great wizard. (Special note: no magic power)
I guess... I need to rewrite my life plan?!

Additional info

This is a series produced by Naver

This is not an adult series.

Author: Yunhee Lee, Kara

Release year: 2024

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