The Light That Pierce Through My Heart

심장을 꿰뚫은 독니

6.7K views 5 chapters

Belial, the seventh Great Devil of Hell who was summoned to earth by a pure sacrifice has reincarnated on the body of "Ivronde" a slave girl who's the illegitimate child of the current king, in accordance with a contract with a woman who seeks revenge on the world that killed his child. Belial, wearing Ivronde's mask, seeks to enchant and devour the surrounding figures with all kinds of tricks and slowly climb from the bottom. The story begins with Belial adopting a new identity by dressing up as a man and calling herself "Abel", Belial will start causing all kinds of tricks and chaos in the village, slowly increasing his wave of terror until reaching the royal palace...

Additional info

This is a series produced by RidiBooks

This is not an adult series.

Author: Ye-Kyung

Release year: 2024

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