Wild Night

폭야(暴夜) [완전판]

602.5K views 26 chapters

A high-level historical drama set in an oriental style, depicting the delicate process of Seo Jihak, a man abandoned after attachment and remorse, and Lee Eunha, a pure and affectionate lady, falling for each other. Based on the original work by Jin Soye.
Eunha, in her quest to rescue her sister from the life of a kisaeng, is unexpectedly offered the role of a personal reader for a blind man. Afterward, she meets a dangerous man named Jihak, who, for some reason, wants to use Eunha. As time passes, they gradually fall for each other while hiding their true feelings…

Additional info

This is a series produced by RidiBooks

This is an adult series.

Author: Jin Soye

Release year: 2024

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